Out Loud And Underground
Operation Controlled Infection

Open your ears, Enzymes, cuz I’m about to drop some gospel on you. You’ve all been doing your part to get the Black Cards name on people’s tongues, and I’m damn proud of each and every one of you. But at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many times we plug the name if they’re not getting the music to go with it.

That’s where Operation Controlled Infection comes in.

This is the very tip top of secret, undercover, hush hush. Reblog, like, follow, but bear in mind, this project is an isolated unit. Controlled Infection stands apart from both the street team and the Enzymes movement. The suits are everywhere, and we’re living in a time without walls.

Your mission: put this file on blank CDs. Both of these are available for inserts, printing out at a handy 4.5x4.5; if you can’t afford cases, they staple together for a convenient paper sleeve. Hand them out at local shows, music shops, Starbucks, etc. (So maybe we’re stealing Pete’s tactics a little, so sue me.) (…wait, no, don’t sue me, that’s why this is underground.) The idea is to spread the sound to people that would never hear it otherwise, so the less likely the listener, the better. And for the love of God, be discreet.

Have at it, Enzymes; spread the infection.